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  1. woof! how r u?

    haven't seen you in 4-evah!



  2. Happy Birthday Tawanda

  3. happy birthday chickienoodle!!!!

    haven't seen you in 4-evah!!!

    hope all is well with you and yours (and your furbabe) in beautiful NE!

    happy happy--enjoy your day!



  4. hey tawanda, how is it going? i havent seen you forever...my hubby is jobless right now again...the school kept him through the summer..but wehn school started a new budget started and he is only "on call" now--so he is looking again...the school did say they were trying to find him a fulltime position...it may take a few weeks though...so the hunt for work is marching ahead..hope to see y

  5. hey! can't get on chat tonite - am in the hospital due to fluid buildup. will prob go home tomorrow. hope you're doing well. this is prob the only way i can connect other than email. write me!! hugs!!!

  6. happy birthday, Tawanda!!!

    oodles of hugs,


  7. Happy Thanksgiving Tawanda. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with hubby and Spencer. Sincerely, Suzanne

  8. Hi Tawanda

    I like your quotes! Thanks for visiting my profile. I hope you're doing well. God bless, Jonie

  9. WHERE ARE YOU T???? I sure miss talking to you! Thinking of you and missing you....Suz

  10. T - how are you? I have missed our chats. Just checking in to say hello!



  11. Hello Tawanda - how are you doing? I hope 2008 is good for you! Take good care of yourself and that gorgeous dog!


  12. Hey, how are you doing?? I haven't seen you for ages!! I hope all is well in your world! Take care


  13. Tawanda: Have a wonderful New Year!!! Sorry I keep missing you in chat, but hopefully we will be on at the same time in January!!!

  14. Hello sweet Tawanda - Happy Holidaze to you and your family! Stay well and happy in 2008!



  15. hi Taw~is that a pic of the puppy you're taking to the beauty parlor today?

    Sooooo handsome is he!

    nice meeting you Taw!



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