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  1. Hi Annie, You will need to do a full search because your content will be limited to the past few years. Enter your member name and the date that you joined here as if you are doing a full search. If you click carefully on the search date it should enable searches right back to 2003. You must have a start date and an end date in the search date boxes. All posts from 2003 for every member, are archived and available to you. Do remember to tick the 'as posts' box and the ascending box and this will bring up your posts from day one until the present day as long as you put todays date into the
  2. Very smart indeed and so easy on the eye! When I replied to this topic my writing is white with just a shadow behind it which might be hard for some members to see. Ah........I see that if I put it into post preview it becomes easier to see. It is always challenging to adapt to a new skin? Wishing you luck with the new phase of Powersurge!
  3. Glad it helped. Working this new board can be 'tricky' at times.????
  4. It is quite simple and all depends on getting date search parameters correct. Both date boxes need to be accurate with the correct year and the date. So for instance you might want to search from 1st September 2002 to the present day. Before you perform the search both the start date for the search and the end date must be in situ. You also need to be operating in forum mode and ask for posts rather than a topic list. ??
  5. hope all is well!! if you're ever on facebook, let me know! we have a mini support group of about 32. take care and all good things!

  6. Just poppin by to say hello!


  7. Thank you dear for your kind birthday greeting! I hope all is well in your world! xo, L

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Wishing you a lovely day........♡♡♡♡

  9. Hi bchgrl,

    Thanks for visiting me.

    You are welcome to come and sip tea with me, in my gazebo anytime! ♡ ♡ ♡

  10. Love your twilight garden, how enchanting

  11. have fun with the fonts.



  12. one more thing XIII~~

    have a fantastic time with PS sister jonesy and her hubs!

    omg, two PS muffincakes potentially on the loose in NYC--talk about fun! :)

    enjoy, safe travels & take tons of pics!


  13. oh yes! forgot to mention the lanterns! l❥ve the lanterns.



  14. thanks XIII ~ i'll be over in a jiffy to sip tea with you in your ❀ garden ❀ *WISH WISH*


    oh, and about putting the little hearts etc in my comments-- they're merely character fonts.

    now, shall i come for high tea or anytime tea? tehehehe



  15. hi XIII--

    i echo mrsbuff's comments tenfold!

    also, i love l♡ve L❤VE your twilight garden--i bet your entire yard is glorious--just like you!

    ~~~oodles of hugs~~~


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