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  1. Well I'm 52 now and haven't had a period in 7months.I am completely relaxed in stores and generally feeling much better.I do have mild hot flushes that wake me at night.I have bouts of anxiety but not like the past.So I must conclude most symptoms were hormonal.

    1. lumz


      I'm 54yrs now and feel like I'm on the other side.More energy.Working out,dancing and having fun.I occassionally get HF but more like warm flashes.Anxiety comes less often triggered by real events like my father.Still hard but managable.Feels more like a new begging now.

  2. Your cat looks adorable, I am sending healing thoughts your way.

  3. soo cute. hope she comes back safe and sound!

  4. happy birthday Lumz. Wishing you a year that ends menopause crapitude :)


  5. just found your page by browsing. I am 52 and could have written the same thing as you. last night was my first night sleeping well after months and weeks of funny symptoms and anxiety. I am from toronto and just thought I would share my feeling with another Canadian ps.

    thanks for sharing your story

  6. just stopping by to give you a ((((BIG HUG))))

  7. HI,

    I just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had a lovely day. May this year bring you lots of peace, love and happiness.


  8. happy birthday.

  9. hey! thanks for coming by my profile page :) it has been a few days since anyone had been by so i really appreciate your visit :) have a great one!

  10. ooops - I mean ML, not LM, LOL....oh dear I'm really losing it!

  11. Hi Lumz, thanks for the pm....my pc is bust at present so am having to sneak onto my son's..wil reply to you properly when it's fixed.

    Regards, LM xx

  12. Anna

    Welcome to Power Surge! I as well am 46, though not for long! I live in Minnesota. There are many great ladies here to discuss our problems. Some days just chat and have fun. Take care


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