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  1. Thank you dear for your kind birthday greeting! I hope all is well in your world! xo, L

  2. Thank you darling tinkerdoodle for your kind wishes - you made my day a little brighter! much love, L

  3. Happy Birthday Tinkerdoodle! Wishing you all the very best in the coming year!!!


  4. hope you had a wonderful birthday..your posts in the past have helped me so much....thank you! :)

  5. glad you got over today's hurdle and that you feel positive about moving forward! xo

  6. Hope you had a very nice birthday! :)

  7. missing you kiddo..whatever it is keeping you away..just know we are all here ....with strength to meet the new day.

  8. Bless you dear and generous Tinky heart!


  9. I just read that you are caring for baby twins! Good for you, they are such a joy and lots of hard work - I had twins almost 21 years ago and lived to tell the tale - tell the mom it will be the most special experience ever! Pm me with details if you are so inclined - love and peace

  10. Happy Birthday chickie - hope you have a good one - miss ya!

  11. I feel terrible that I missed your birthday! so Happy belated wishes to you dear! I am sorry you are struggling so at the moment....always here for you sweetie!

  12. I am so sorry for your loss on this day..peace and love to you!

  13. Hi Babe! :)

    Proud of you today!

    xxxxx, CIC

  14. Have a wonderful birthday dear - this is gonna be your year! :)

  15. Just passing through and catching up here....and oh so sorry that you are feeling down (((pal)))

    you will feel better real soon...just be good to yourself! much love and prayer for a peaceful weekend,

    xo, CIC

  16. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday professor Wits....miss you bunches! xo

  17. thanks or the good wishes.....lol

    spending time with my youngest and missing the rest tomorrow......but all in all I am blessed..

  18. Hey you! Just dropping by to wish you a Shanah Tova! Hoping for a good year for all of us! :)

  19. Hi dear - just stopping by to see how you are doing today! I hope you eventually got some sleep - thinking good thoughts and keeping the faith.....xo

  20. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

  21. Happy Birthday to a lovely Lady - you are one special bug! I hope your day brings joy, love and laughter! xxxooo

  22. Happy Birthday darling one - hope this is your best year yet! Many blessings,


  23. Hey Sweetie - thinking of you and sending prayers for healing to you and your dear Mom!

    have a great weekend, xxxooo

  24. sending you loves and hugs..Merry Christmas...try to hang in there..xxxxooo

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