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    Gardening, Genealogy, Grandchildren, Crafts, Quilting, Drawing, Painting, My Dogs, .... oh yes, and making it through this time of live.
  1. Maggie, just stopping by to say hello and hope your are feeling better.



  2. Hi, Maggie- thanks for stopping by my page and leaving me a comment. I'm glad you like my tree! it is actually a very, very old Indian Hawthorne bush that is now so large, we shaped it into a tree! It only gets pink blossoms for about 6 weeks in the spring; otherwise it is just a cute green tree! I hope you are well and have a nice weekend. gardenbear

  3. Love the picture of the tree. Is that a Dogwood? I notice you stopped by my site some time ago. Wanted to say "Hi". Have a good day.

  4. epdp2, Kelsi thanks you for your kind compliment on her charm. She is a mini Austrian Shepard. Tell me about your good looking companion.

  5. hi maggie! who is that beautiful dog on your profile??!!

    glad to meet another dog lover,



  6. Happy Birthday, Maggie!!! Hope you have a BLAST!!!


  7. hey hey maggie! Happy birthday girlfriend...I miss seeing yu in the nutbar!!!


  8. Hi Maggie, The one in the picture is Barney my cocker and I also have Dusty my aussie mix.Have a great night.

  9. Hi Maggie, Just stopping by to see you doggie. My meno brain cant remember if I seen that pic before. How sweet he/she is.

  10. Happy New Year!! May 2008 grant you all that you so richly deserve.



  11. Littlejo, I read your post but it doesn't tell much info. I hope you have an doc appt. They have tests to check hormone levels. Maggie

  12. Ellie, I see you made your first posts. Congratulations, I feel its the first step to taking your life back.


  13. Welcome Jdog, I read your post and I'm glad you found this site, we've all been just as lost as you until we found PS.

  14. Maggie,

    Thanks to the reply to my blog I will respond soon. I love your doggie. Is he/she an Aussie shepherd?

    I hope your feeling better today.



  15. Just stopped by to say hello and I hope you are well. Enjoy the weekend.


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