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  1. Hi Sweetie,

    I hope you are doing o.k. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. E-mail me at anytime. You are in my thoughts.



  2. You are so very welcome. I hope you are doing o.k. with all this Meno craziness. If you ever feel like you need to vent or chat, please feel free to e-mail me at my profile page.

    Take care and be well.



  3. Well now, love your name!!! :) I wish you well in your journey. I have struggled as well with depression - so I know how debillitating it can be. I wish you well here...You look far to young to be on here! Best wishes, Suzanne

  4. hi thanks for dropping by my site hope your well. Terry

  5. Stm

    jpie how did your surgery go? You've been on my mind !

  6. Just wanted to say hi and tell you my husband and I are planning a move to the Austin area soon. I have two kids there and look forward to being close to them again. Have a good evening!

  7. hi stm,

    just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, and i also wanted to welcome you to Power Surge. I see you are new. stop by chat, sometime, and shoot the breeze...it can be lots of fun..hope to see ya over there.



  8. I hate sundays too lol. I read you chat message. Have a good Day!!

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