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  1. Hi! Welcome! I too saw your comments on the blogs and have just read your story. Oh boy!! You are amazing! You could write a book!! Nice to see you here! God bless, Jonie

  2. (((Anita))) Just read that you're having more good days now - that's wonderful!! Good to see you popping in to visit us in blogland! Come more often!! Prayers and hugs, Jonie

  3. (((Jes)))

    Thank you so much for commenting on my airport story! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Many hugs, Jonie

  4. (((((Shar)))))

    I too am praying for you. I so understand you and feel your pain and despair. I came through it with our Father's help and so will you. He has you cocooned in His love and will never ever let you go. You are a beautiful, special, unique child of God. I am praying for you daily, dear sister, I care. Big, big hugs, Jonie

  5. Hi Kacky!

    Welcome to PS !!

    You'll find loads of support here and lovely ladies. I'm mostly on the blogs now - this is where I started blogging before creating my own websites! Have fun and I do pray that you soon feel at home and get relief for your symptoms. God bless you and hugs, Jonie

  6. (((Anita)))

    I'm so glad you're popping into blogland now and then! Don't be so invisible, we care and know how you feel - letting it out helps so much. I miss you. Big hugs, and God bless you, Jonie

  7. (((Jes)))

    Thank you so much for commenting on my website! It's always so special when my friends turn up to say hi :-). have you been to Unchained Life? Lots of blessings for you all...! Perhaps there's something there for your ill friend? To comfort and encourage?

    Hugs and thanks again, Jonie

  8. ((Jalyn)) Just wanted to thank you and hug you for all your lovely comments on my websites. You have no idea how much they mean to me!! I'm so glad you like them! I love your words here - " life is calling and I want to be part of it." Thank God we can again!!! Hugs and prayers for a beautiful life! Jonie

  9. (((Anita)))

    So glad to see you in blogland again! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs and prayers, Jonie

  10. (((Ellen)))

    So happy for you! Thank God for answering our prayers!! So looking forward to "helping" you move and settle into your new beautiful and safe home!! Biggest hugs ever, Jonie

  11. (((Ellen))) - thanks! I did have a great weekend! Thanks so much for remembering me! Big hugs, Jonie

  12. (((Anita)))

    Where are you? Are you ok?? Perhaps you're just very busy? I do pray that you're feeling fine and are happy! God bless, Jonie

  13. (((Gb)))

    Thanks you so much for commenting on my website! So encouraging! I'm glad you liked it! Hugs for a lovely weekend! Jonie

  14. Thanks for your sweet message! I enjoyed writing that story a lot and I love my websites...:-))

    PS is wonderful - with all the support here you'll start feeling better soon because you know you're not alone! Love your profile and your sense of humour! God bless you! Hugs, Jonie

  15. ((Ellen))

    Hope and pray that all is well with you and you get that computer up and running again soon!

    Hugs, Jonie

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