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  1. ------------------ A LOT of forums are unavailable - including my favorite ones - I hope they will be available tomorrow -
  2. ------------- We will be happy to donate to this website - please keep the site up for as long as you can -
  3. ----------------Hi Mary - Regarding saving our favorite message threads - I think the ones on HRT, BHRT, and Insomnia should be saved - Also - why don't we contribute to keep the board going? I would be happy to do that - and I am sure others would too -
  4. --------------------- Hi Mary - I'm so sorry about Alice - RIP - I'm also so sorry that this board to going off soon - What shall we do??? boo hoo I tried joining the message board on your site (Cushings) - but it should an error and said I was not allowed - Please help - BTW - how long will we still have Power surge??? like is it going to be going off shortly? In a few weeks?
  5. hi csugargrove - hope everything is fine with you - I haven't seen your posts in a while

  6. Hi Lara thanks for posting on my thread.

  7. rounrobin-

    I'm trying to PM you but the system will not allow me to - please PM me



  8. Hi Sehlat:

    Thanks for your help on PF - I'm sorry you get headaches - have you tried Yoga - it really helps -

    Also - I LOVE STAINED GLASS - you lucky girl -to make stained glass is my idea of a dream hobby -

  9. lara, are you in hawaii or did you just get your info from doc oz? i know from our travels to hawaii and actual experience eating it whenever we're here how wonderful it is for the digestive system.

    oodles of bellybusting hugs kiddo!


  10. I get those muscle things too. Sometime an arm or leg will flail out, ass it does when your falling asleep. I know why and how that happens but this daytime muscle thing has me perplexed.

  11. Hello~~Thanks for visiting my profile. Come by anytime.Maybe we can chat someday.



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