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    Greetings! I am interested in a wealth of things; art (painting, drawing), photography, music, science, anthropology, archaeology and, of course, mythology...oh! and Astrology, the Tarot, Chinese astrology, mysticism, spirituality, among 10,000 other things. I am especially interested in psychology and understanding the human mind, its behaviors and actions. Underneath these things, what I am most interested in is forging connections with others who are walking a similar path or are trying to do so in some way, shape or form.<br /><br />I believe (with every fabric of my being) that all women are sisters and that we must support one another. We may not always agree or like one another, but we must - above all else - stand as a united front. Nothing disturbs me more than women who don't support other women. It really makes me nuts. <br /><br />I am, of course, also interested in understanding perimenopause and menopause in order to make sense of the inner insanity I feel now! <br /><br />Peace to all!

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