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    Greetings! I am interested in a wealth of things; art (painting, drawing), photography, music, science, anthropology, archaeology and, of course, mythology...oh! and Astrology, the Tarot, Chinese astrology, mysticism, spirituality, among 10,000 other things. I am especially interested in psychology and understanding the human mind, its behaviors and actions. Underneath these things, what I am most interested in is forging connections with others who are walking a similar path or are trying to do so in some way, shape or form.<br /><br />I believe (with every fabric of my being) that all women are sisters and that we must support one another. We may not always agree or like one another, but we must - above all else - stand as a united front. Nothing disturbs me more than women who don't support other women. It really makes me nuts. <br /><br />I am, of course, also interested in understanding perimenopause and menopause in order to make sense of the inner insanity I feel now! <br /><br />Peace to all!

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  1. Hi honey, sorry I have been out of the loop a bit..mucho MD appointments and insane job..I send huge hugs an wanted you to know I was thinking of you! MWAH!

  2. Hi M! I hope you are doing well! Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" from one of your BC survivor sisters! Take care, with hugs and love to you! Mary Jo

  3. I'm quite overwhelmed by your sweet words! Thank you so much! I do pray that you feel more positive about your future and that things only get better. Hugs, Jonie

  4. Thanks for your support honey....just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.

  5. Hi honey bunches, thanks for your lovely and supportive note on my post a few days ago. Now you know why I have been absent for a long while!

    I send love and hugs and lots of xxxxxs!

  6. hi mw,

    just wanted to drop by and wish you a very happy birthday..i hope that you have a fun-filled day and a very special year...



  7. Hi Deb, thanks so much for your comment on your my post! This is a whacky time, isn't it? I wish it were over and done with so that I could be (relatively) normal again!

    I am adding you to my friends list, m'dear! Have a great day!

  8. Just read your post. I am also 51 and much of the things you shared are describe me to a tee. I will be 52 this year also. I lived in Richmond Va and do go through Westchester on my way to Connecticut all the time. I have been skipping periods since Jan. of this year. Sounds like you might be getting ready to do that yourself. It was nice meeting you and I hope we can become friends.

  9. Heidi, first, a huge thank you for visiting my profile and commenting on what I wrote. And 2nd, I can assure you that everything you are feeling is NORMAL - and even though assertiveness feels weird, it is great. You will get through it, sister. We all will.

    Hugs, mwmsdaughter

  10. Heidi, thank you so much! I was feeling particularly inspired by a lovely, sunny day and thought I would share my philosophy!

    I send a huge hug to you as well,


  11. Loved what you wrote in topic:lost confidence in myself. We must be true to ourselves!



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