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    I'm a professional musician/music instructor and play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Music is my life. I'm a rocker at heart and always will be.

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  1. Sue Haven't seen you posting> hope your well!

  2. Hey Sue, how are you and the wiener doing?

  3. Sending hugs your way!

    Talk to you soon,


  4. Hi Snowmoon!

    What's new? Well, I'm VERY thankful Juliet is doing well! AND, I've been busy playing guitar 50 hours a day! lol

    I bought a Fender Jagmaster and it is amazing!!!

    I'll try to post it on my profile pic with my JagStang.

    "Mitzi" and "Juliet" send love!



  5. Hey Sue> what's new?

  6. Just stopping by to say Hi and wish you all the best!

    I'm still rockin' and rollin'...lol



  7. Thanks for your support, I appreciate that.



  8. It's totally meant that you should be here right now. HUGGGZZZ

  9. Hi Snowmoon!

    That's so awesome about your Dad playing guitar!! Music really does reach beyond boundaries and a friend and I call our practices: "Rock Therapy" lol

    "Mitzi" the doxie walking weenie is fine, lol..thank you! How about your little doxie?

    Thanks for you comment and many hugs!


  10. Hi Sue, just dropping in to say hi! Hope you and your doxie are both well!

    I would love to hear you play! My Dad plays the guitar. Doing WW2 he played aboard the Navy ship he was on for his friends.

  11. ((Sue))

    It's great that you're doing well - why not post on "Recovery Stories" and encourage our PS sisters? Hope this year is wonderful!

    Hugs, Jonie

  12. Hey thanks so much! You rock, too! Wanna jam? lol I have a few extra guitars sitting here!


    Thanks for stopping by and I wish you an AWESOME week!!



  13. Happy New Year Guitar Sue! You rock...hahaha pun intended. What a great week for your country!!!


  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thanks for your comment and for being an awesome myspace friend, too!! All the best for a GREAT 2009!!



  15. Sue happy happy guitar playing healthy happy new year. hugs Terry

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