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  1. hi frozen

    i found the perfect words for my soul today in one of your posts. visited your etsy site too! thanks you so much dear lady.


  2. hi sweet maddy I can so relate to much of your About me statement although my peri was awful too. This too shall pass... this too shall pass...

    hugs pookish

  3. miss you i - hope all is well. reding your posts this morning.



  4. girl i am thinking about you big time and left a buncha messages around the boards, blog and stuff, 4 u. Seriously diggin your gorilla suit. Hope you are doing ok.xoxoxoxo

  5. hi lovely friend happy new year


    xo pooks

  6. Ellen my son turned me on to those 2 - plus i love basketball - hope you are having better days - xoxoxo Linda

  7. Moozie, pumpkin

    thinking about you and sending you enormous hugs. Hope you are feeling better!

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