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    my family, getting well, becoming more spiritual, finding love, reading, film, gardening, art history, laughing, traveling, basketball, cooking and its partner eating, dancing (Still love a good night out dancing with friends!), swimming, biking, Iyengar yoga, making a small joyous difference in someones else's day!

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  1. Yes pookish agree with the article, just went off the pill. I wore a fragrance with pheremones for a while to offset. Now that I'm off it may start using again.

  2. Hi Pookish thanks for great article about estrogen on cancer board.

  3. hug-a-roonies pooks!



  4. hi frozen

    i found the perfect words for my soul today in one of your posts. visited your etsy site too! thanks you so much dear lady.


  5. hi sweet maddy I can so relate to much of your About me statement although my peri was awful too. This too shall pass... this too shall pass...

    hugs pookish

  6. Hey pook, glad to see u are back :)

    Hope everything is well.



  7. miss you i - hope all is well. reding your posts this morning.



  8. girl i am thinking about you big time and left a buncha messages around the boards, blog and stuff, 4 u. Seriously diggin your gorilla suit. Hope you are doing ok.xoxoxoxo

  9. Hello,just wondering if your still on the Paxil. I have been on it for about 8 1/2 wks. Did you get side effects when your dose was upped?


    De b

  10. hey pooks--just passing thru with some hugs as i haven't seen you in awhile. hope all is well~~~



  11. where oh where has my pooky gone?! did i scare you off with talk of tram rides and visits to NYC baby?? Hope not, you can always 'just say no!' *giggle* and hugssssss

  12. pooooooook! sounds like you are doing good, girl! did i read right? do you have a dog?????


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