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    piano~my family~my cats~stray animals~reading~doll collecting~p.s.~did I say my cats? & many more things I can remember because I am in the midst of peri & I "FORGET", & have foggy brain. I love to laugh though lately I havent done it often, its this peri-thing. Hugs to all my peri-sisters!
  1. Hi Heidi, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope your day is a great one! Deb

  2. Hi Birthday Girl> Just wanted to wish you a great one! 46 sounds so young, I must be getting old!

  3. Wishing you a Happy Birthday...I see you have been visiting profiles today!! Come visit chat some evening, it can be fun and entertaining, also helpful learning others feel as you do!!

  4. hi heidi,

    just wanted to drop by and wish you a very happy birthday. i hope this year is a special one, and i hope you are getting some relief from this meno madness! be well..



  5. Hi My Dear Friend,

    I miss you at the boards but know you have lots going on. Just wanted to post you a note in case you come by. Thanks for all the wonderful emails! Hugs to you! Di

  6. Heidiā€¦.Thanks for the visit and complement to my profile. This PERI-M thing is quite the paradigm shift for me! Sometimes I too am angry, feel misunderstood, uncertain, alone, and then in the midst of it I realize that such misguided, and uncontrolled emotions and FEARS are going to set me off on a whirlwind tour of pure nothingness, but to certainly hurt myself. The stress of the whole

  7. HI~~thanks for visiting my profile. Maybe we can chat soon. I love your personal photo, unique & creative!!



  8. Hello~~Thanks for visiting my profile. Come by anytime.Maybe we can chat someday.



  9. OMG~~Pap smear joke wayy too funny~~lol I couldnt stop laughing!!!

  10. Hello Norder,

    Welcome to Power Surge. This place is filled with great information & great ladies. Lots to read & absorb. ***I hope we get to chat soon.



  11. Hi Marianprod,

    Hope to chat w/ u soon.



  12. Hello!!!

    Love your name


    Are you a lover of cats & animals? I am.

    love to chat w/u sometime.



  13. Once again, Thanks for the Inspiring Words!

    It helped immensely to know I had support~~~~~


  14. Heidi, first, a huge thank you for visiting my profile and commenting on what I wrote. And 2nd, I can assure you that everything you are feeling is NORMAL - and even though assertiveness feels weird, it is great. You will get through it, sister. We all will.

    Hugs, mwmsdaughter

  15. Loved what you wrote in topic:lost confidence in myself. We must be true to ourselves!



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