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    Quilting, sewing, reading, outdoor activities with my wonderful husband, loving my two grandsons and anxiously awaiting a granddaughter in August 2010, hugging my three granddogs and two grandcats, figuring out menopause, breast cancer survivor and doing great!!!

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  1. Hi there Susie!! Thanks for your message! I have been thinking about you lately-- I just recommended PS to a friend who is in peri and told her of my wonderful friends like you who are here! I am doing GREAT-- I now have 3 beautiful grandchildren. I hope you are doing well, and thank you so much for thinking of me! Love and hugs, Mary Jo

  2. Miss you, MJ! I hope you are doing great.

    XO Susie

  3. Hi there Susan!! How sweet of you to leave a comment on my page-- I'm just so sorry I've taken so long to respond!! I am doing absolutely great-- and how are you doing? I really should come on the PS boards more often and check in with my friends! Love to you-- I hope your family (human and furry) is doing very well too! Love you!

    Mary Jo

  4. Dear MJ.....How are you? I hope this note finds you well. I haven't heard from you in too long. Drop me a note and let me know how you are.

    xoxo Susie

  5. Hi Boo and thanks for thinking of me!! I need to get on here more often-- I miss all my friends here, but certainly haven't forgotten you all! I have a new grandson-- Mason's brother-- he's barely 6 hours old! I'm doing great and feeling wonderful! Hope you are doing well too! Luv to you!!

  6. hey darlin'~~I haven't been around much lately but was thinking about you! What an adorable child in your profile pic~! Be well dear one


  7. how are you sugarplumcakes???

    miss seeing your posts etc on the site.

    hope you are well and that everything is good in your world.

    oodles of hugs,


  8. MJ, your grandson is THE cutest! I just had to tell you that you have the most adorable profile photo on all of PS. Hope you're having a fabulous time spoiling your grandson.

    Take care,


  9. Hi MJ! How's my P-S friend doing? I hope you and your family have a great 4th of July! (((((MJ)))) Love, Susan

  10. HI,

    You are so very welcome for the birthday wishes, and how could I resist on making a comment about your beautiful grandson. He is absolutely gorgeous! Babies are a total miracle. They amaze me to this day! I hope you are doing good yourself, too. Take care and be well.



  11. HI,

    I just wanted to comment on your photo. The little tike is just adorable. Is it your grandson? Well, if he is, how fortunate you are to have him, and vice versa. Good luck to the both of you!



  12. Hi Ya,

    Just stopping by to wish you a Very Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.


  13. Hi MJ! So good to hear you are doing well. Hopefully the palping will abate soon...My mom was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure and is now in a skilled nursing facility. It's been a rough couple of weeks. She was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Scary stuff.

    Glad you're out of treatment and on the mend. Hugs, Susan

  14. Hello my friend and thank you! That is my precious little filly girl. And YOUR picture is PRECIOUS! A grandbaby? LORD what a little doll!! Nice to hear from you~ (((HUGS!)))

  15. Hi there Susan! I just thought I'd pop in here on PS and say "hi"! I'm still palping along, but doing very well otherwise. Hope everything is well with you! Hugs to my PS friend-- from Mary Jo

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