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  1. Hi Dot. Hope ya doing ok?? Take care. Love Deb

  2. ((((Tots)))) You are in my thoughts, my prayers, forever in my heart. You have my deepest of Condolences, dear one.


  3. (((Tots))) Sending you and (((Dave))) Hugs. Please know that you are both in my Prayers and in my Heart

  4. Kisses and Hugs are being sent to you my Dear Friend XOXOXOXO Miss you my Baileys 'Sistah'

  5. (((TIDAL WAVES))) with the occasional 'ripple' (haha) Love ya G/F. SO sorry to hear about your nasty Dr :( Bad Dr. Does he not know with WHOM he is dealing with here!! (stomping feet on his wee head)

    Feel better soon my dear friend.


  6. dottiedottiedottie!!!! It is SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO VERY good to have you back! You are loved and were missed VERY much by ALL OF US!!! And ESPECIALLY me!! XOXOXOX

  7. Hey Dottie, Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hope everything is okay with you. Big (((((Hugs))))),


  8. Hey Dottie ... Just thought I would say hiiiii ... glad to see you posting once in awhile. *s*

  9. Hya Sweetness!! Miss you like crazy. We live so close yet we never see each other. Must make a 'play date' soon. Get that cutie JJ to join us too. Hugs and Kisses XOXOXOXO


  10. Hi Dot, Just wanted to say hi! Hope everything is going well. (((((Hugs))))).

  11. (((((Cathy))))))

    So fab to hear form you!!! I have been so 'uber' busy with the Costo guys -snort- Time for you to take 'em off my hands. Ha Ha

    Hope all is well. Miss you too!


    Dottie Do

  12. ((((FinBaby)))))

    Miss you too!! I really need to find time to get back to FB. I sorely miss my Sistahs of Da Surge. Hope all is well in FinVille.

    ((((Big Hugs))))


  13. Yea Dottie do You were here today and I missed ya. I so miss ya ,hope you are well. Hugs , Cathy

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