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  1. ((((Duch))))

    Happy New Year!!!



  2. Thanks for the compliment you left on my profile! I am SURE you are not the oldest woman in Canada!! You made me giggle, silly lady! Hope you have a grand day!! Hugs

  3. Floater!

    Is that your highschool picky? You're beautiful. And I am the oldest woman in Canada. Sniff

  4. Hi Dots!

    Just wanted to say your note to jj was beautiful. It just exudes love.

  5. I get those muscle things too. Sometime an arm or leg will flail out, ass it does when your falling asleep. I know why and how that happens but this daytime muscle thing has me perplexed.

  6. I love your insights, and your sense of humour.

  7. epdp2

    duch, thanks for sharing good thoughts & happy results with me. i so appreciate it!


    ellen+puppy soon

  8. HYA Duch - How are you? Hope that all is well with you and that you are maintaining a sense of humour in all of this craziness...


  9. HEY DUCH...........where the heck have you been........ive been missing ya..!!! its me kellyj.......i changed my name.......hope your doing well....hugs

  10. Welcome Back Dear Duch~~! Your wisdom and humor have been sorely missed....hope you be feelin' fine as wine!!!

    Hugs and love,


  11. DUCH!! Welcome back to the five and dime - Jimmy Dean. How wonderful to see you posting again!!



  12. Duch, it was so nice to come across a post of yours after so long. You were one of the first people to give me advice after I came to PS, and I really missed you. I hope you are well. (((Hugs))) Viktoria

  13. Happy New Year (((Duch)))

    You may be MIA form Surge but you are always 'IN' action in my thoughts. Here is to a healthy and happy New Year!!



  14. ((((Duch)))

    Please let us know that you are ok! There are so many of us that miss you. Do not let ONE person bully you into thinking you are not fabuliscious!!

    Miss you



  15. Duch! My meno diet and bring BP down partner...Where art thou??? I miss your posts; I miss you girl...hey, I gave up the diet a long time ago...it went by the waistside..HAHA.

    Come back Duch...

    Hugs, SusanC

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