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  1. Hello Boo! Just took a trip down memory lane reading our old posts on the AF thread! Miss you girls! Hope you are well! Love Sarah x

  2. I spend more time on FB too amber....I am micki beattie and there are lots of PS women from a few years ago that are on it as well. hope we can connect via FB~! xoxoxo

  3. Thank you Boo for your reply..yes i wrote some on the Adrenal thread under marie and caz art......i never knew how to use this feature before.....i guess i came back on to listen to some wisdom.....I tried to friend u on facebook but maybe it wasn't u...lol....i guess that is my new addiction, but it is good to have my peri buddies only to talk to...hope you are well and keep on keeping on....

  4. hi babe......wow it took you 2 years to respond~! hahahahaha oh wow time flies and things change, like PS for example.....i only come here when i'm having weird sx which isn't that often thankfully anymore. miss our Adrenal fatigue communications~~~and you! be well friend

  5. I am still here..don't really even know how to naviagate this site any more....how are u? Where is everyone posting or is everyone gone? Iam 6 months on 6 months off my period for two years now...lol I just found out how to commnet...I lost my brain I think

  6. Lovely post I read of yours today on the 'being lost' thread~~it helped me 'ead, for that I thank you. Are you on FB~?

  7. Hi Boo and thanks for thinking of me!! I need to get on here more often-- I miss all my friends here, but certainly haven't forgotten you all! I have a new grandson-- Mason's brother-- he's barely 6 hours old! I'm doing great and feeling wonderful! Hope you are doing well too! Luv to you!!

  8. hey darlin'~~I haven't been around much lately but was thinking about you! What an adorable child in your profile pic~! Be well dear one


  9. I loves me some "Earl" too! Glad to meet another fan! :)

  10. hey I love your 'my name is earl' quote on your posts~~had me laughin' out LOUD~~love that show! I see you're a newbie~welcome!

  11. Thank you very much for the wonderful comment!

  12. Love your posts~~keep up the insightful writing....

  13. Hope you are doing well. Miss chatting with you.


  14. Hey Boo Booooo!

    How are you, sweetie? Miss chatting with ya in the old chat room. How are things going? Are you still working at the same job? Drop me a line, when you get a chance. Would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful day.



  15. Thank you for thinking of me Boo...I have not handled the firing well...I did win my unemployment appeal and am collecting unemployment and i have a job for August, but i am devastated ...will need to get on the board and vent more...hope your 2009 is going swimmingly...

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