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  1. (((Luv)))

    Praying that you are ok - haven't seen you around for ages. May God encircle you with love! Jonie

  2. (((Luv)))

    I do hope you're feeling better - May God bless you with a wonderful 2009!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you in our cosy blogland!

    Hugs, Jonie

  3. Happy birthday! Deb

  4. Happy Birthday to you...(singing) Laura. Hope you have a special day and a happy and healthy year too

    love and hugs robinxxxxxxxxx

  5. hi luv,

    you are so very welcome for the birthday wishes...i just hope you have a wonderful day...



  6. hi luv,

    just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, and i hope you have a wonderful day and year! take care and be well....



  7. hi luv,

    didn't get to finish my comment..i guess it was too long!!! just wanted to finish up with telling you, to take care and be well, and if you are ever in a chatty mood, stop by the chat room...it can be a lot of fun..the ladies are all wonderful. hope to see ya there.



  8. hi ya luv,

    thanks for responding to my message, and thank you for you lovely compliment. it's hard these days, to keep it together, and looking good, with this aging process going on, and then this peri/menopause does not help the situation. as for your cat, he does look like the king, just lying there..oh my, how much we spoil them!!! it's o.k. they all deserve it..ta

  9. hi ya luv,

    i was just browsing the site, and i came across your page...i just wanted to tell you, how beautiful you cat is. what a face! i am an aminal lover myself!!! i have 2 furry friends of my own..i have 2 beagles..well, you enjoy your precious little furball...we are so lucky to have them in our lives! be well and take care..



  10. Thanks Laura..........I feel better knowing it'snot just me !!!

  11. Hi Twitchy, I can't get into that board either. I think someone posted something in there that is causing it. I have sent an email to Mary O.

    I guess there's been a lot of board problems. People logging in and posting disgustng pictures and the like.

  12. Hi Laura.........The site throws me out if I try and scroll down to read the last post on WYST thread...is this happening to you too..........or just me??? I can go anywhere else on the site..and even post.Hope you are having a great day....Twitchyxx

  13. Hi Nite...I think I figured it out. I did as you said. Thanks as always for your help. You are such a dear.


  14. Hi Laura - Just dropped in to visit your page and say "Hi!"

  15. Hi Laura - just dropping in to say Hello!

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