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    Love to fish,camp, did city league sports until three years ago. I'm a crafter addicted to hgtv and diy channels. Been married for 35 years have three kids 2 sons and a daughter and 8 grandkids.

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  1. another year~

    another wish!

    happy happy birthday!

    ♡oodles of hugs♡


  2. sberz----

    oodles of happy hugs for a funfabulous birthday!!

    btw, you are just beautiful!! i can't wrap my brain around someone who looks sooooooo young having 8 grands! you rock!

    enjoy your day!



  3. Dear ((Sberz)). I was just tooling around the boards and came across a post where you mention that your darling dog had passed away. So sad to hear of your loss. You have my deepest condolences.

    With Love

    Hugs Dottie

  4. hi ya,

    thanks for stopping by my profile page..i think i had dropped in at your page a couple of weeks ago...i was amazed how great you looked for your age!!! you look awesome...i'm sure all the ladies here, hope to look as good as you, when they reach your age...i know i do...you go girl!!! be well!



  5. Dear Sberz

    Thanks ever si much for your kind words. It means so much to me.



  6. Happy Birthday ((((Sberz))))

    May this be the best year ever!!


  7. Hi Shelley - Just stopped by to see your page!

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