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  1. Hi there! Tried to send you some flowers on FB and couldn't! Just want to wish you a good one. Suzanne

  2. Hya Doll Face! Hang in there...

  3. hi, bless you for all that you have been and are going through. i admire you for your endurance. i hope you find some comfort and friendships here. one day at a time...


  4. Hi there, hope you are finding PS helpful!


  5. Miss talking to you...

  6. Hello you!!! whatcha up to? You take it easy peasy! TTYL xox

  7. Hi Kathleen - Geesh I missed your birthday!!! I hope it was a good one. I hope you are doing okay! Anyways, thinking of you...

  8. Hi - I read your post last night and wanted to respond but was in a pretty bad state of mind (spent the day b4 in palliative care with friend) I hope you are feeling better today. Bless you, Suzanne

  9. hi there, we all understand here what you are going through...I hope you are making some good friends here. Take care of yourself,


  10. Can't we just take the high road here and let it go. To forgive is divine! Good for you Robin for trying!



  11. Hya Bluesy! So I hear you have your own little teenage terrorist! Hold on...

  12. Hi there and welcome to PS - you will like the people you meet here I think.

    Good luck to you,


  13. Hey you - what's up!!!! I can't get into MSN!

  14. Hiya Ira - hey that rhymes!!! Love your dog. I want one!!! very very cute - oh I remember you just got this doggy right? I miss ya!


  15. Hi There!!! Hope you are having fun here!


  16. Hello and Happy Spring to you! I hope you are doing okay - I have been reading your posts and am so sorry to see that you are still struggling with that danged chest pain. I had costco and it was awful, so I can empathize to a degree. Hugs to you!


  17. Hi...my feet are sore too. I wear orthotics mostly. I hope you have some fun here...the ladies are all very helpful and supportive.



  18. Hi, just checking in on you. I hope you are benefitting from the massage therapy. Take care of yourself

  19. Howdy Pardner...what's going on? TTYL


  20. Who took your star away? Lemme at em...Why I oughta...

  21. WHERE OH WHERE ARE YOU???? miss you...Suzanne

  22. Hi there, haven't talked to you in a while. I hope all is well with you!


  23. OHMAN did I miss your bday??? I am sorry; I hope it was a good one sweet Tara! You are a gem of a gal...come to FB?!

  24. What a beautiful picture! Did you take that?

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