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  1. hi there, love your profile pic...happy bday coming up btw! Hope you are getting the support you need here.

  2. Hi there, I too am a HUGE FAN of old/classic movies. I love those lustrous soaps for their sets!! Clothes, furniture, cars, so visual and sentimentally tugs at me. One of my faves: All That Heaven Will Allow. I want to live in that house!!!

  3. Hi Ira, Hope you are doing okay with your T2 and other health concerns. You are a good person, with a good heart. It's okay to disagree with one another, it can't be helped if people take it so personally. Bless you, Suzanne

  4. Hey Rendy - nice chatting with you yesterday. I don't know if I got a chance to say that I hope that all is well in your world. Happy week-end! Suzanne

  5. Hey good friend, have a good week-end. Bless you, Suzanne

  6. Hi Candyy...nice chatting with you last night! Hope you are doing okay. Suz

  7. Hi Yetta - like your name...thanks for the comment. Suzanne :)

  8. Books are here!!!! P/U at lunch time - woo hoo!

  9. Not long now :) Enjoy!

  10. Gorgeous kitty cat...ohman I want one!

  11. Hi :) Welcome to PS. I hope you get the support you need here.

  12. Hi there, sorry that you are suffering so. It will get better! You really should talk to N5! She has pics and everything. Take care...

  13. Hey - how is my little buttercup?? Hope all is well with you and yours. xox

  14. Just dropping in to say Hi. I hope you are doing okay.

  15. Hi Kar, hope you are doing okay. Just thought I would drop in and say hello.

  16. Hi - just thinking about you and hoping that you are staying strong. (((2sons)))

  17. Hi - I will write to you shortly - got your email. I see you have connected with Snow - good!

  18. Hello Dear Kathleen - thinking of you and just thought I would stop by and say HELLO! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!! God bless you, Suzanne

  19. Hi - Hope you find some sanctuary here! Welcome - I think you will enjoy visiting this site.


  20. Hi, did you get my message on FB? Psalm 91 dear friend.

  21. Hi, hope you are feeling well and enjoying the Canadian summer!

    Bless you,


  22. I liked The Shack. Now am reading a book to compleement it called, He Loves Me. Tis good. SP ,,,oh and love London, Ontario

  23. Well now, love your name!!! :) I wish you well in your journey. I have struggled as well with depression - so I know how debillitating it can be. I wish you well here...You look far to young to be on here! Best wishes, Suzanne

  24. Hi there and I hope you get some good support here!



  25. Hi pretty Witty One...hope you are A-OK! Happy Hump Day! Suzanne

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