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  1. Hya - what's happening??? xx

  2. hi - I too go to the psoriasis website you mentioned. My psoriasis/exzema is driving me crazy at this time. I am using Johnsons baby oil gel with vitamin e and aloe - it's not bad. You got any new recommendations?


  3. Just thinking of you and wondering if you are hanging in there. I am very sorry for your pain. XOX

  4. Hi JPie and Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year! I am well and caught up in the festivities of the season. Thank you for asking after me Jan. I hope that all is good at home and that you have had a nice Christmas. Blessings to you, Suzanne

  6. Hi - just me again - wishing you a happy upcoming holiday season. Checking in on you. Hope you had a nice Thankgsiving. PEACE x

  7. Hi Kathleen - just wondering how you are doing. Thinking about you is all...

  8. Hello and welcome to PS!

  9. Hello Meno Stuff - just checking in on you and wishing that you are well and happy. TGIF tmo!!!

  10. Hope you are having fun today !!! Happy Birthday.

  11. Howdy to one of the nicest ladies on here! I hope you are well and enjoying some Fall weather. Time for pumkins, hoodies and Halloweeeeeen!

  12. Hey - just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing...Hope to talk to you soon.

  13. Hey it\s your Birthday !!! Congratulations to you and Many Happy Returns of the Day my lovely friend. xox Suz

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BEV! Eat some cake for me too will ya? :) xox

  15. Hi Shop - just thinking of you and wanting to say hi. I am so sorry that it did not work out with your sister's heart condition. Bless you - hope to chat with you soon. (((Shop)))

  16. Hi there, just dropping in to say hello and hope that all is well with you :)

    Bless you,


  17. Happy Birthday to you Che Che - I hope that the day is filled with happiness and many blessings to you for the new year ahead.

  18. Hey there - Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a great day and year ahead. Bless you...xox

  19. Hi Red, just thinking of you. I hope you're feeling the comfort of your friends and family right now. (((Red)))

  20. hey lamc - you should talk with PatsyBaker - she has similar stuff going on as you. Hugs to you. Hang in there. Suzanne

  21. hope you're feeling a bit better today. You should talk with lamc - she has the same medical stuff going on right now. Bless you xoxox

  22. Hey - it's one of my favourite peep's bday toooooday. You deserve a break toooday...so get up and get away...we love ya Bookser! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox HAPPY HAPPY BDAY TO YA!

  23. Hey - you are one day older than me...literally! Happy Birthday fellow Leo!

  24. cute pic Missie! Hope that this Monday is a good one for you. xox

  25. hello there, just stopping by to wish you well and thank you for visiting my profile. :)

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