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  1. I found some way to get back on here... I can't believe I remembered my password.  I miss this place.  Write me, if you get this message.  Hugs, Marianne

  2. hi everyone!  😇angel😇 here -   i have not been here in FAR tooooooo looooooooong!   

    have missed my old PS friends — hope all you chickie noodles are doing well! 

    oodles of hugs🤗 



  3. Hey you! Oh my dwindling hormones! YOU are gorgeous!!!!! And I miss you! XoxoxoX (((angel)))

    1. Iradan


      Thank you Angel, you are too sweet! I miss you too, XXXXXX.

    2. angelindskies


      Kiss kiss hug hug

  4. Mary, you are a whiz! For many clicking a link and coming here seems simple, yet I can only imagine you have been a very busy lady working to accomplish this save amidst time constraints and caveats. You've done a fabulous job; your time, effort and passion to keep Power Surge alive is deeply appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Oodles of hugs and tons of gratitude, (((angel)))
  5. are we registering to donate or to remain a member or both. I am confused. so what else is new? are we registering to donate or to remain a member or both? or maybe for something else. as I feel I often am, I am confused. thank u bundles! (((angel)))
  6. peek-a-boodles chickie noodles!

  7. would love for you to share your artwork. (((angel)))

  8. i miss you lara. where are you hiding? i think of you often and hope all is well with you and your family. i love ya! (((angel)))

  9. hello sweetdeb. i don't pop on as much as i used to, but i think of you often! oodles of hugs doodlekins! (((angel)))

  10. i see you've quoted P.Summit; are you a women's basketball fan? Go UCONN! :)

    1. angelindskies



      doesn't it feel great to soak our feet after a tiring day! love your avatar/prof pic! too cute!


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