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  1. Thank you so much for the Birthday wish Gardenbear ! So sweet of you to remember . Hugs sweet sister !! Hugs

  2. Cath ,you are in my prayers.

  3. Looks like you got it . Enjoy. Be sure to join in the live chat room to chat . If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone . We are a great bunch of women . :)

  4. Hugs GB , Have a great Easter!

  5. Hi Starz, Welcome to Power Surge!You have found a wonderful place .take time to read ,read and do more reading .There is so much info here. Enjoy my friend.

  6. continued ..... and I cant wait . I am fighting away these winter blues everyday.You take care and I will stop by blogs land to see whats up . Hug Gb love ya cathy

  7. Hi Gardenbear , You are so sweet to be checking up on me ,thank you, shows me someone cares and that makes me feel good.(((GB))) No I havent been in blogs land but I do pop in once in a while to see whats up . GB do you have facebook ? I am always in there and most of ours sister are to. I love the games in there and well guess I am addicted . I am good am the boys are great . Spring is in 1 month

  8. Welcome ,you found the right place . Looking foward to chatting with you . Cathy

  9. Hi Karen , Thanks ,As you figured I am also a animal person and yep I also have a cat too. Welcome to Power Surge ,you have found a great place with alot of great women. Do you have facebook ?

  10. Thanks for the birthday wish . Hugs, Cathy

  11. Wow just where did the year go ???!!!! Wishing you a happy birthday on Saturday ,hope it is special.

  12. Hey Kar Happy Birthday , Hope it was a good one . Hugs Cathy

  13. Hi Angel , Just wanted to add I love the black and white photo you posted . Is that you hubby and baby ?

  14. Yea Dottie do You were here today and I missed ya. I so miss ya ,hope you are well. Hugs , Cathy

  15. oh good grief I am as bad as GB (lol) .I dont know how I missed your birthday but I did . HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !!!! Hope you had a great day !!! Hugs,Cathy

  16. Hi gb , just passing through and stopping by to give you bigs hugs .love ya, Cathy

  17. ((((dearest)))))

    Just passing through and stopping to say Hi and give you a big hug. Love ya Cathy

  18. I didnt mean anything by your blog actually though it was quite funny . What kind od dog are you looking for ?

  19. Hi there , Whats up with your blog? Add ?

  20. Thanks for you info. Cathy

  21. Hi How is it going ?

  22. Oh great now I missed your birthday !!!! Happy belated Birthday!!!Hope it was a good one .

  23. So glad things are going great , Tried writing but ?????

  24. Hi , I seen you joined in "07" and we have never met ??? Whats up with that . Hi I am Cathy nice to meet you .

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