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  1. oh crumbcakes! i missed your b-day by 2 days. dratz.

    hope it was a happy happy day for you, cath.



  2. Thank you so much for the Birthday wish Gardenbear ! So sweet of you to remember . Hugs sweet sister !! Hugs

  3. Hi, Cathy.....Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! Love, gb

  4. junebug hugs for you sweet friend!


  5. Cath ,you are in my prayers.

  6. perhaps instead of girlie i should have called you senorita, or chiquita!!!


  7. cinco de mayo hugs for you girlie!



  8. oh my! i missed giving march hugs. means i must shower you with them now that it's april!

    ' ' '' ''' '''


  9. Looks like you got it . Enjoy. Be sure to join in the live chat room to chat . If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone . We are a great bunch of women . :)

  10. Hi, Let's see if I get this right, just getting the hang of this site. Thank you so much for the welcome. I'm looking forward to reading lots of great info and sharing!

  11. Hugs GB , Have a great Easter!

  12. Hi Starz, Welcome to Power Surge!You have found a wonderful place .take time to read ,read and do more reading .There is so much info here. Enjoy my friend.

  13. Hi I,m in the Waterbury area

  14. Hi again! Good to hear from you! Glad you are ok. No, I don't have FB. Guess I am afraid of spending too much time there if I did! Stay in touch, you know where to find me! Love, gb

  15. continued ..... and I cant wait . I am fighting away these winter blues everyday.You take care and I will stop by blogs land to see whats up . Hug Gb love ya cathy

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