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  1. Also wanted to say to any of you having a hard time with the change there is hope I was a mess and sometimes still am but with my natural alternative meds and lots of lots of prayer and patience I have better days than bad ones lol. Have lots of Hope.

  2. I havent been here for a while with new granbaies and all kinds of stuff yor day just get filled up but did want to stop by and say hello and also farewell to susie our beloved Sister.

  3. Mary O I am so sorry sending you lots of hugs and support we are all behind you just do what you can with what you have I dont understand what is going on but I am sure however this lands will be a good landing praying anyways. Thanks for keeping this afloat dont worry Alice knows it all now no worries be well please take care of yourself to. God bless you always A very grateful little bug tinky nut
  4. First let me say I love the new skin ha ha just love it it is pleasing to the eye. Mary O I will try to donate again and if it doesnt work I will try applying for the other way to pay no worries. Thanks for putting our new home up and running. God bless Love the bug
  5. Mary O, I tried making a donation on my credit card but it didn't go thru I dont have that WEPAY so I will wait and try again,. God bless you Tinks
  6. Hiya Marie,

    Thank you for your kind posts we are all in the same boat so we can help each other paddle along that river of peri and menopause and to be better for it afterwards.

    God bless you


  7. Heya sweet one so you go and have the time of your life today on your special day,

    God bless you

    Tinksadoodledoo lol

  8. Happy Birthday my dearest friend,

    Sending you prayers from across the way,

    Love Tinks

  9. Career Girl,

    So good to know you are doing so good, so good to hear from you staying busy is the essence of life doesnt let our crazy brains toy with us,

    Much Love


  10. Hello Toni

    Was just passing by and wanted to say I prayed for you today

    God bless you


  11. Hiya Susan,

    I was just thinking about you havent heard from you for a long time. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all your wise words they are kicking in now, lol took a while.

    God bless you always


  12. Hey Angeleyes,

    Just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday my freind Havent heard from you lately,

    God bless you


  13. Yeppers you are one special woman you really are I miss you,

    Your freind your pea in a pod


  14. Hiya Susan,

    Thank you again for leaving me a Birthday greeting ha ha hey whats up with the 1910 birthday date just read titalwaves comment, lol.

    God bless you


  15. Hiya CrazyinCa

    Thank you for the Birthday greeting Hope you are doing well to.

    Love the bug

  16. Hey Career girl , Crazy in Ca and Trish thank you most kindly for the Birthday greetings.

  17. Janet C, MrsBuff and Trish thank you so much for remembering me you are sweetie pies

  18. Ha ha Janet C I also didnt see the picture at first and yes I did see it was 2001 a great article and picture eh? God love you Tinks
  19. Wow this was fantastic I am so glad someone brought this one back up its just awesome. Thank God for Dearest or alot of us might have been committed , lol, me anyway, God bless and love you all Tinks
  20. Mariayucatan,

    I havent seen you on lately how are you doing?

    Warm hugs


  21. My dear freinds,

    You know I never check this part of the site so sorry and thanks for your lovely kind words I take them next to my lil bug heart


  22. Morning sweet kris,

    Sending you much peace of mind, prayers to calm your soul. Have a wonderful blessed day.



  23. I was just thinking about you and know you need your alone time to process this but know you are loved and prayed for. Be well God love you always, Tinks

    PS does this need a second opinion

  24. Good Morning my sweet Kris have a Wonderful New Year full of new Hope ,

    Love the Bug Tinkis

  25. MyFaith,

    Just read your post am sending you Turbo prayers just take one step at a time. Love the bug

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