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  1. Hello lady, how is it going? Take care.

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday professor Wits....miss you bunches! xo

  3. Hey Leanne .. thanks for the message. I've just been mega busy. I keeping hoping to get online more often but never seem to manage to. It was so sweet of you to leave a note. I miss you, girl. HUGS

  4. Hey witty- where you been???

  5. Hey Dottie ... Just thought I would say hiiiii ... glad to see you posting once in awhile. *s*

  6. You would think the ignorance of others would not surprise me anymore. I'm surprised that I can still be surprised LMAO

  7. Heidi: Nice seeing you in chat today. I got bounced from the room and when I got back you weren't there. Just wanted you to know it was my stupid computer and I didn't ditch 'ya or anything. lol Hope to run into you again sometime soon!

  8. hi Wits! How are ya.

    Wishing you good things, and wondering how you're doing!


    Mary Beth

  9. Hi Crazy: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope your shoulder is feeling better and you get cleared for a massage really soon!

  10. Hey Leanne: Thanks for the birthday greeting. I have had four starts for a REALLY long time. It's a miracle there are not fewer. lmao

  11. Hi Binsky, Thanks for the bday wishes. It's scary how that number is getting so high. lol

  12. Hi primitive; Thanks so much for the bday greetings. Haven't seen you lately in chat, and hope all is going well.

  13. Just stopped by to wish you a very happy birthday.


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