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  1. Hey Nitey nite so I did dude it, lol, I remembered how to visit your pictures and I love the cozyness of your home and I am pea green with envy on your pool. God Love you, The bug



  3. Happy Birthday!!! May you have the best day ever!!!!!

  4. Happy Brithday, Niteowl! I hope this day is a great one for you! God bless, Deb

  5. (((Nite))) Happy Birthday! I pray that God blesses you with a great year, good health and loads of love and fun! Hugs, Jonie

  6. Nite! I love your Americana; very nice collection.

    I also have gained such wisdom from reading your posts. Thank you!


  7. Thank you for your post , you helped me with understanding it better! I just wished it were already done so I could sleep!!! Hugs Susan

  8. Happy New Year Floater!!

  9. I totally love your name!! Happy New Year NiteOwl and all the best in 2008!! Hugs

  10. Happy New Year!! Wishing you all the best in 2008!! Be healthy and happy! Hugs

  11. Hiya Nite,

    Just got around to figuring out how to respond to those who sent me a comment. So a big hello and I miss you my pool buddy.


  12. Love the cabin! It's gorgeous!

  13. Hey NiteOwl......I've been reading your posts under the 'orgasm' thread and some have made me LOL! Great topic, love the open discussion! Life is good! (((hugs)))boo

  14. NiteOwl,

    I've read many of your posts, and I see today it is your birthday---just wanted to say Happy anniversary of the day you were born!

    oodles of happy birthday hugs,


  15. Hey Debs - Get off 'George' & come talk to us!

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