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  1. Hi, I've been a member for quite some time but still don't know how to do the "quote" reply properly. If I don't want to copy the entire post of another member, but just a sentence or two and then reply to it, how do I do that? Thanks, Donna
  2. Hi Rose, You can send a private message to a member with whom you would like to speak. If she also would like to talk with you, she can PM you back and I believe you can exchange email addresses that way.
  3. Well the color worked but the size didn't and I still have the codes visible? I must be brain dead. lol
  4. Okay Squiggle, I'm going to give it try now. Thanks for the help. Donna Here goes.[/size]
  5. This isn't so much a problem as a question. Whenever I try to change font size or color I click on the codes but when I post my reply the effects never appear, just the codes on the top of the post. How do I get it to work? Thanks, Donna
  6. Speaking of proms . I wasn't allowed to date in high school. There were only girls in our family and my dad thought that all boys were up to no good. I had a "telephone" boyfriend. He called when dad was at work and my mom was ok with it. Occasionally, he was allowed to come over and sit on the front porch for an hour or so (after my dad went to bed). Anyway---my mom let me go to the prom. Bf picked me up at a friend's house and brought me back there after. Poor mom, bless her heart, she was a nervous wreck over it all weekend. But here's an even better story. I went to an all gi
  7. Hi Shelley, For the past two weeks I couldn't log on or use the insta-chat if I was using AOL. I had to log on using IE. Then just today I was able to log on and use insta-chat with AOL. Happy Valentine's Day to me I guess. Donna
  8. I can't log in under AOL either. When I do, I get a message that says I am now logged in as dcamp, but then an error message appears. I can log in when I use IE. This is just a recent thing. Started yesterday. Hopefully, it won't last forever. Anyway, I'm just glad I can get on using IE. I'd hate to miss a day of posts. Have a good day all. Donna
  9. Question: Before the boards changed last weekend, there used to be a drop down menu at the top of the message boards from which you could choose different forums and click GO. Is that gone now? Thanks, Donna
  10. Let's do it again By George I think I've got it! Thank you girls! Now I just have to figure out how to change the size of the font. did i change colors AMAZING!!! I'M DANGEROUS NOW!
  11. i'LL TRY IT NOW. IF IT WORKS---THANKS {color=red}Trying again. {/color} {color=red}Trying again. {/color} {color=red}Trying again. {/color} Well this stinks! I don't know how to do it.
  12. Could someone tell me how to use the different posting features. For instance, if I want a different text color I thought I just clicked on the A and color choices would appear. But nothing happens when I click it. I've tried Bold-Italics but when I post a message all I get is the words bold and italics. My post isn't in bold or italics. I used to know how to do these things, but I guess the old meno brain is playing tricks on me. Thanks in advance for any guidance. Donna
  13. Thank you Dearest. I still keep your mom and your family in my morning prayers every day. Donna
  14. I noticed this morning on the blogs, a message that said the post will not appear until the blog owner approves it. I'm not sure where that feature is. When I go to my blog, where would I go to see if there are any messages that need my approval? Thanks ladies. Donna
  15. Okay I'm going to try it now. Well what do you know!!!!! I did it. Yippee and thanks.
  16. I have a question. I admit to being pretty computer unsavvy. How do you change the font, the size and the color when you post? For instance. I choose purple for color, but all I get is what you see above. My post isn't really purple. If I choose largest for size, all I get is the words, but no larger font. Not an emergency----just wondering. Thanks. Donna
  17. Is there a way to search for all posts by a particular member? Thanks, Donna
  18. I have logged in successfully, because I see my username at the bottom where it shows who is online. But I do not have the insta-chat feature. Also, is there a place where we can send U2 Messages? I don't see it anywhere. I apologize in advance if I am doing something wrong and asking dumb questions. Thank you. Donna
  19. Thank you Dearest and MaryO. I hope this solves my problem.
  20. If anyone sees this post I hope you can answer my question. I entered the main chat room this evening hoping to read and get some answers concerning anxiety. However, this was my experience. I was trying to read the dialogue, but everytime either Dr. Shipko or a guest typed a response or question, the screen would jump back up to the top and I would have to scroll down and try to find my place again. By the time I got back to where I was reading, someone else would send another response and the board would jump back up to the top again. It got so frustrating that I just left. What was I
  21. Is it my computer or is there something wrong with the Insta-Chat? I have a big white box that says temporary error. Thanks.
  22. Good Morning Are the boards experiencing some kind of jet lag? I love to read the Introductions posts. It shows that the most recent post to that thread is from Sitte on 3/11/04. However when I click on to that thread the last post I see is from ncotar(sp)? on 3/9/04. Thanks for any info. Have a wonderful day. Donna
  23. Thanks Meryl and MaryO. I knew there was a way to do it, but I just didn't know how.
  24. I remember that I used to be able to type in a word or words and click on search and all of the posts that applied to my inquiry were displayed. I could then read through all of them and gain some insight. I must be doing something wrong now. I am trying to gain some insight on other women who have had some issues with their teeth. I know that I have read some posts regarding that issue before. But when I type in "problems with teeth" and click on search the entire website, all I get are transcripts. I really want to read posts. When I click on Search the Message Boards, I just get re r
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