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  1. no response needed, sweetie. just doing a flyby to spread some love and hugs.



  2. hey honey.

    how are you doing? i haven't seen you in such a long time. i hope and pray all is well with you and your hubbie.

    miss you, sweetlady!


  3. Hi - just me again - wishing you a happy upcoming holiday season. Checking in on you. Hope you had a nice Thankgsiving. PEACE x

  4. Hi Kathleen - just wondering how you are doing. Thinking about you is all...

  5. oodles of hugs cyber-gliding your way darlin'kins on the occasion of your birthday!

    happy happy!



    hope this finds you feeling better & better!

  6. Hey Kathleen - just wanted to say hi and hope that you are feeling well. Happy New Year btw. Suzanne

  7. hi Kathleen..I just wanted to see how things are going for you these days. How are you feeling? Happy New Year to you.



  8. just wanted to drop in and say that i hope all went well with your procedures yesterday. have had my fingers crossed for you since reading your post.

    take care.


  9. kathleen~~just thought i'd schoochie thru and drop off some hugs for you along the way~~

    oodles of them!!


  10. Hello Kathleen,

    I just wanted to say thank you, you are so very compassionate.

    Your are in my prayers for your lungs and for your DH's back - Hopefully for him it is just something that needs PT. For you, I pray that it stays stable and that you are ok. You are in my thoughts, and have my deepest gratitude. You also brought me out of a 5 year shell, talking about stuff! Thank y

  11. Hey kathleen, hope you are hanging in there!!! I wish you would just get better!! I will continue to send healing and loving vibes into the universe for you!! Hugs

  12. Hello Dear Kathleen - thinking of you and just thought I would stop by and say HELLO! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!! God bless you, Suzanne

  13. Kathleen I wanted to say hello and see how your doing, I prayed for you and I will continue to do so my friend. Hugs



  14. thinking of you & sending (((((hugs)))))


  15. Hi Kathleen - Geesh I missed your birthday!!! I hope it was a good one. I hope you are doing okay! Anyways, thinking of you...

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