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  1. Hi, The board went through a major change as you all know. Some of you might be having login issues, which could be due to cache and remember me settings, while you are in the board please check top right hand corner of the board index, it will show you your name if not, please sign in and you should not have any problems posting or navigating though the board. thank you.
  2. Hey VJ...Happy Birthday Kiddo!

  3. Hey VJ

    Just wondering how you have been doing...miss you around here.



  4. (((VJ)))

    Happy New Year !!

    Here is to the best year ever!!



  5. Dear VJ

    Thank you for your sense of humour. Thank you for ALL that you do for all of us here at Power Surge.


  6. VJ, think we'll ever figure out these changes? Just think, we've only been at this since 2 am and it's now 10:30 am. So much for an hour to upgrade the board.

  7. She did not validate herself when she registered. i have validated her. if she has any more problems then she should write to powersurgetech AT aol.com for her login information.
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