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  1. Iradan, thank you for your posts and for still being in here. When my burning skin is bad, your posts help me to calm down. ☺️

  2. Happy Birthday, AA! Best wishes!!!

  3. Hey you! Oh my dwindling hormones! YOU are gorgeous!!!!! And I miss you! XoxoxoX (((angel)))

    1. Iradan


      Thank you Angel, you are too sweet! I miss you too, XXXXXX.

    2. angelindskies


      Kiss kiss hug hug

  4. Hey Ira.....been thinking about you...hope your doing ok....drop me a line sometimes and let me know whats going on in your world. Peace AA

  5. hey dollcakes! hope all is well in your world. any vacations planned? haven't been on chat in awhile and i do miss you. wanted you to know that!

    hugs iradan!


  6. hey muffinnoodle!

    hope all is well with you sugarplum. any travel vacation plans for the summer. hope to see you on chat soon! miss ya!

    bundles of hugs!


  7. Hey Suz,

    Just stopped by to say hi, it has been a while...Hope all is well with you. :)



    P.S. Nice picture

  8. Hi Mich,

    Sorry I disappeared fro the chat; I don't think chat is compatible with my Mac browser.

    Hugs :)

  9. Hi Iradan, thanks for comments on Dukan thread. I'm on my first day of all protein, feel great! This solution will hopefully help me to have more real meals, something I've missed from 10 years of strict dieting.

  10. Hello,

    Enjoy your posts! very informative and true! Thanks! Deb

  11. Hey pook, glad to see u are back :)

    Hope everything is well.



  12. miss you i - hope all is well. reding your posts this morning.



  13. Hi Ira!

    Think of you often,

    Love ya always!

    Hope to bump into you on chat one of these nights.

    Be well, Friend!~


  14. just sneakin' by with hugs for you!

    hope all is well with you chickienoodle!

    oodles of x's & oh's!


  15. Hi Crazy!

    Shanah Tova to you too, wishing u and ur family the best!

    Hope u had a good Roshashanah!



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