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  1. I miss all of you. Well...most of you. Working hard on my sobriety. Sending my love to those who loved me back!




  3. Hi Robin,

    Thank-you so much for the birthday wishes!

    God Bless


  4. Robin...I came by to say that I just read your post. I have really enjoyed having you here at PS. You are a good friend to us all and have been here for us so much. Ratings are nothing. You are the best!

  5. I am assuming you are in Florida visiting you daughter..... I am missing you and REALLY hoping you are just away from home. Part of me is worrying a little bit....hoping you are ok, and nothing is wrong.....

    Come back soon!! Hugs

  6. my sister has the same thing and her doctor told her it was ocular migraines, could it be that ? hope you feel better !!

  7. Robin, Hope you are having a nice time with your daughter!

  8. Robin,

    Hope you are enjoying your time with your daughter. I miss you on the board! Thanks for your kindness - it is truly appreciated.

  9. Robin, you aren't a knucklehead!! I appreciate you taking the time to wish my father a speedy recovery from his surgery. He is home now and doing really well!!! I hope you are doing well, yourself. How is the eyesight??

  10. what happened? my comment didn't pop on?

  11. you're on "my b-ball team" now, RR. just got you up to 5 stars!!!

    oodles of hugs,


  12. Hugs, hope you are having a good day today!

  13. Heya Chicka, your new photo is awesome you are such a beautiful woman! Just passing through because I know you are having a rough go again .....just wanted to say you are loved and thought of often!

  14. Robin!! 2008 was quite the year for you!! I am hoping 2009 will be happy and you will be healthy and all your dreams come true! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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