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    Film fanatic, baseball nut, love to read, love to eat, learning (slowly but surely) to play piano. Diligently working on my family tree -- my pedigree appears to be mutt at this point. Would like to travel much more than I do -- I hear France calling me every May during the Cannes Film Festival. Unapologetic liberal. Causes I care deeply for include conservation and ecology, women's reproductive rights, and education reform.

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  1. Robin -- tried to send you a personal message with my email, and it wasn't allowed. This is ridiculous. Hopefully you'll be back with us soon.

  2. hang on in there, continue to grin and bear it with your brother. Take care, and try to relax.

  3. Hi Tobinh -- Web again. Was asked to approve your msgs before I could read them. Don't know why!

  4. I've read it, Robin. I hope Dearest gives you a reason why you are being treated like such a leper. Words are just that...only words. Hopefully the sensitivity will pass. Good luck.

  5. Webalina: This won't last I'm sure. I am losing all my features here...I can't post, or send pm's. Not sure why it's happening, but I can't talk to anyone.

  6. Hey there lulubelle!

    Just looked at the calendar and found out we have the same b'day, even same year. I was born at 5:20 am Eastern Time. Are you older or younger than me? Also, my name is Cindy Lu, and my best friend calls me Lulu!

  7. Hi Web~ I just read your post. Why do we seem to be the only two that have had great success with Effexor?! I stopped taking it which was a huge mistake, now I'm trying to get back on it. ANy advice??



  8. Heya Web, it is great to put such a smiling face to a name. You have a wonderful glow about ya!

  9. thanks for stopping by my profile page

  10. Well now hello to you! you sound like a mighty interesting woman to me from your interests section. I love that you are an "unapologetic liberal"!!

    Cheers to you!


  11. thanks for coming by my profile page :)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a beautiful day:)



  13. I HEART David Cassidy....that one's for you Web :)

    I love your pic!

    Enjoy the day :)


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