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    I love tropical vacations and vegas with my husband.<br />Shopping(retail therapy), pilates, yoga, racquetball , strength training, walking, and the best for last....spending lots of time with my best friend .....my 81 year old Mother.
  1. How is my darling diva neighbor?

  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my profile.

  3. thanks for visiting my profile. :)

  4. Pops, CG, I was responding to Antiques comment and I thought you had made it. However, that said, you still look terrific and I do love your hair, lol. Mich

  5. CG... you look fabulous and far from old. Love your hair. The whole hair topic is amusing to me. Mich

  6. thanks for stopping by my profile. Hope you are benefiting from Dearest's site.

  7. thanks for stopping by my profile.

  8. Hi coastergirl,

    yes it is a wonderful website. I just wish my english would be better, than I would reply or answer more. Thanks for writting!

  9. Morning wildflower. Thanks for stopping by my profile. I enjoyed your comments.


  10. Hi Ilona. Thanks for dropping by my profile. This is a wonderful website, isn't it?


  11. Noticed you visited my profile. Just wanted to stop by and welcome you to PS. Also...not all wives turn on their husbands during peri. I adore my husband. I laughingly tell people...his job is to make the living...my job is to make his life worth living. :)

  12. ThankyouCg for the birthday wishes. hugs Terry

  13. sweet lizzie....happy birthday!!! You and I have come a long way since showing up here in chat 2 years ago in February. :)

  14. Hey Big Sis ...have a GREAT Trip...Im gonna miss you....Take a ride on the roulette wheel for me ...OK?

  15. HI CG,

    Are you feeling any better with that headache that you were suffering from? I hope you got some rest yesterday, and hoping that your headache eventually left. Talk to you soon.



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