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  1. Hi Mel! I don't have IBS anymore. I tried many things during the years that I had it and nothing worked. Then, one day all of a sudden, it just stopped! The only time I have it now is when I'm under a lot of stress -- once the stress is over, I'm fine. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  2. HI Iluvtolaff, What do you do about IBS

  3. Thank you, Janet!! You're helping me so much and I truly appreciate it! :)

  4. Hahahaha! Glad you like it! Thank you, Angel! :)

  5. luv2~~ you're such fun! and your prof page is always just too cute.

    oodles of big giggly girly hugs~~


  6. Thanks Angela! all is the same. I haven't ordered any meds yet. But, other than that, life is good. :)

  7. just dropped by to say hi and hope all is going well!

  8. Thank you, Trish40!!

  9. Thank you arla and rendy for the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday! :)

  10. Hi Barbara, I don't see you on FB anymore but I wanted to wish you a very wonderful birthday and best wishes for a peaceful year

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

    Hugs, Arla.

  12. Glad you joined, Eve. Hang in there and post about your issues. You WILL get valuable help here!

    Contact me if you need any help on how to post things on the forum. :)

  13. Thanks GB, for the comment on my page. I saw that pic of the old lady on the swing and it just touched me--look! You can have fun even at that age!

    The new job is ok but I really miss my old job and everyone there.

  14. Barbara......I just love the picture of the lady on the swing!! LOL!! How cute is that? I hope you are doing well and that everything is going good for you at your new job! Love, gb

  15. ((((Barbara)))

    Glad you enjoyed the coffee - you are a hoot! Thanks for being my wacky friend!! Hugs, Jonie

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