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    I am a freelance artist and love drawing animals. I also just love flowers and being outside.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOPSY. Just happened to see it was your day on the board and wanted to send greetings. Hope you are going to partaaaayyy today.

  3. Hi Kay and Welcome to Power Surge: This site literly saved me back in May 2005. I too had no idea what was going on and an internet friend steered me in the direction of power surge. What a blessing to have this site and I am sure you will find comfort and strength like we all have. I think my first sign was migraine headaches and then it escalated into anxiety, floating feeling and some dizziness, periods that got goofy and so on and so forth. So, you are not alone and eveyrone is right when they say to read all the posts, the articles etc. on this site. It is a wealth of informa
  4. Thanks Dearest for fixing the problem. My mind thought of MRD too but he is probably self absorbed like you said with meno. Mopsy
  5. Hi all: I noticed yesterday that whenever I pulled up powersurge, my viruse protection told me there was a trojen horse trying to get onto my computer. Did anyone else have this problem? I have really good security on my computer since I work on it all the time. This morning, I received an e-mail from power surge with the title " The best free porno" and it was from powersurge. Has anyone else noticed something fishy going on? Can someone put a bug on a website that isn't the one that runs it? Mopsy
  6. I will be sending funds to the Humane Society. I love animals and would never leave mine behind. I would smuggle them out as some people have. The articles in the Humane Society website bring tears to your eyes but hope to see so many people love their animals so much.
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