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  1. Cous,

    What can i say...As ive told you before....There is a special place in heaven for you...Your an amazing person and you know ive Always got your back any time any where!...Thanks for your true friendship...It means the world to me.

    Love ya,


  2. Hey Tots a popin,

    We have known each other for a pretty long time and you are a friend i know i can always count on no matter what..Thanks for being there....Love ya,


  3. Hi Ladymag,

    That was so funny...Ill never forget how hard we laughed....You are a sweetheart and im glad i have met you...Be well,


  4. AA...How are you...i hope your Ok?...Thinking of you.

    Love ya,


  5. Dot.....May you dream in color my friend:0

  6. Hi Kaylyn, So sorry you had this experience i know how frightening it can be!! You sound exactly like me 2 yrs ago when i first typed in my symptoms and Power-surge continually appeared and what a blessing it was! As i read each women's post tears ran down my face...I realised i was not dieing of some deadly disease and a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulder's so glad you found your way here Hun,You will find so much support and so much information that your fears will soon be calmed. I too suffered and still do at times dizzy/off balance feelings and yes i would g
  7. Thank you so much Dearest!! It just keeps getting better and better here at power surge....If that's possible Love, Lynda
  8. Thanks so much Dearest for giving us the blogs Yet another gift we have from you and this site...Ill never leave now Lynda
  9. Dearest, Thanks so much for all you do for us and for Power Surge!! Your something else...We're all so lucky....This sounds like fun!!...cant wait to play!! ((((((( Hugs)))))) Lynda
  10. hi trisha im new also so im not sure if im in the right section . i also am new to the computer so excuse my typos and sp errors.I have had so many scary symptoms for the last yr 1/2 my biggest and most bothersom is the off balance/dizzy feeling 24/7.It kind of feels like a balance thing more than dizzy.I notice sometimes its more than others . I cant find the board that talks about the dizzys but you will find so many women suffer from this you are not alone i know it is very scary.Powersurge has given me so much reasurance im sure it will you too.just hold on tight for the crazy ride of peri
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