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  1. hi trisha im new also so im not sure if im in the right section . i also am new to the computer so excuse my typos and sp errors.I have had so many scary symptoms for the last yr 1/2 my biggest and most bothersom is the off balance/dizzy feeling 24/7.It kind of feels like a balance thing more than dizzy.I notice sometimes its more than others . I cant find the board that talks about the dizzys but you will find so many women suffer from this you are not alone i know it is very scary.Powersurge has given me so much reasurance im sure it will you too.just hold on tight for the crazy ride of perimeno.I also have a question let me see if i can explain this along with the off balance/dizzy i feel this kind of surging feeling like my body is pulsing not like the internal buzzing i have that too lovely... anyone else have this wierd symptom? Trisha im with you keep smiling dont worry and know that everyone here is so helpfull and suportive

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