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  1. Please Dearest...why can I not log into the Chat Room. I really miss all the wonderful girls, thank you so very much!!

  2. Dearest, Hello and I hope you are doing well. Please help. My user name is M&M however in the Chat room, it lists me as MampM. There is a major problem that I can no longer log into the Chat Room. I really appreciate it if you can solve this dilemma. Thank you ever so much! M&M
  3. How is my darling diva neighbor?

  4. WELCOME dear Sherlock! I hope your day is a sunny one! See you in the Nutbar chat soon, I hope!

    M&M :)

  5. M&M

    (((((((HUGGING YOU VERY TIGHTLY)))))))))~~~~~I extend my deepest sympathy to you dear!~~~Love, M&M

  6. M&M

    I am surprised how many major illnesses develop right after menopause. Dear Cathy, Enjoy your heavenly home.

  7. M&M

    Tater Tots,

    You are amazing!You are caring for Dave during his terminal illness. Thanks for still chatting with us girls. Your love for Dave shines brightly! I wish you both the best! Love,M&M

  8. M&M

    G'Day Choco~~~~ I hope your birthday is wonderful and happy! Kiss all the roos and koalas in Aussie Land for me!

    Love ya, M&M

  9. Hey peripamelak~~~~~I can not get in the chat room either. Occasionally it has problems. So the Nut Bar is closed tonight~~~~dang, and I was thirsty for a brewsky and some good convos. Let's try to get in tomorrow night.....the Nut Bar guard will let us in since we are hot Divas!! M&M
  10. Cottenhead~~~Enjoy a very very happy 35th Wedding Anniversary!! Enjoy being with your family and husband.....You deserve the best, so have a fun day!!! Your PS Twin, M&M

  11. M&M

    Beautiful Moozie!

    Tomorrow you will say "I Do" on 03/0309 at 3 PM. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, caring and sharing!!! I cherish our friendship! Love, M&M

  12. Booboolena, I hope you have a beautiful Birthday Celebration!!! Happiness is not based on possessions, power, or prestige, but on relationships with people you love and respect. I love ya Boobalu! M&M

  13. Cottenhead, my dear twin sister~~~~~~ENJOY a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY....you are now the double nickel~~~55..we are still twins even though I am 11 months older than you! Forever Friends, M&M

  14. KIA ORA ROXY!!!

    Happy Birthday dear sweet kiwi friend! You are a pleasure to chat with!!! I need a haircut & new style..could you come over for this? haha..I hope to meet you on my NZ vacation soon! We could sip some wine together on The Millford Sound Cruise. Ka Kite Ano! Love, M&M

  15. M&M

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ANNA~~~~~I hope you enjoy your very special day! Eat, drink & be merry! Love,M&M :)

  16. M&M

    Singing: Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get marrrrrried.

    OMG, floozie moozie, congratulations!!! I am SOOO happy for you!! Yes, I accept to be one of the many bridesmaids. May I wear my stilettos? But eyes will all be on you...you get to wear the diamond-studded tiara & veil..I love you GF! M&M

  17. Hello April!!!

    The BIG 5-0~~~I hope your birthday is just as wonderful as you are! Enjoy your next half -f a century. M&M

  18. OzDragonfly,

    I am soooo very happy to have met you & thanks for adding me as a friend! Happy Earth Day!!!!

    Love, M&M

    (Meno & Mindless)~~~but now (Magnificent & Marvelous) :):)

  19. coaster, my dear neighbor~~~your mother/daughter is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! M&M

  20. Northy, Happy Halloween~~~

    I hope it is not a spooky day for ya~~~but if a coffin starts to follow you around, just get out the cough syrup...and TADA......it will stop the coffin!! Love ya, M&M :)

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Tidal Wave!!!!!!!

    I hope your "waves" are always Happy Ones!


  22. bev~~~~welcome, it was great chatting with you today~~~May your future daysbe better days!!!!M&M

  23. M&M

    HAPPY CANADA DAY KARMA DAHLING~~~~~(singing:) Oh,Canada~~~~Enjoy your day, my dear Canadian Friend!! Love ya Lots!!! M&M ( marvelous & mean) hahaha

  24. M&M

    Enjoy a Happy Easter choco sweetie!!

    I hope the bunny brings you lots of "choco"late!!Love,M&M

  25. hello coaster,

    i am sooo very happy that we have met!!! you are a wonderful, caring and humorous friend.oh, i too love tropical vacations...i am palm tree crazy. welcome and may your meno-days turn into pleasant days. m&m

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