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  1. AA#1

    Hey M....whats shaking kid? WE all miss you...when you gonna come join us?

  2. Please Dearest...why can I not log into the Chat Room. I really miss all the wonderful girls, thank you so very much!!

  3. AA#1

    Hey M...whats shaking kiddo?

    1. M&M


      Hello you nut AA...I miss you like xxxxx.

      Why can't I log into the chat room...perhaps you could contact Dearest and clear this matter up. I want to chat with Tots too. I miss you guys.

  4. Dearest, Hello and I hope you are doing well. Please help. My user name is M&M however in the Chat room, it lists me as MampM. There is a major problem that I can no longer log into the Chat Room. I really appreciate it if you can solve this dilemma. Thank you ever so much! M&M
  5. choco

    Hi Ya M! Thanks for the birthday wishes, oh just hang on while I get this fur off my mouth (from kissin koalas and Kanga's)...LOL!! Miss talking to you XX

  6. AA#1

    Hey M....Insta chat is back.....go there

  7. How is my darling diva neighbor?

  8. missing you kiddo..whatever it is keeping you away..just know we are all here ....with strength to meet the new day.

  9. AA#1

    Hey M....I see you visited my page...how come you didnt answer my PM....I want to know how your doing and whats going on...let me know kid...we miss you!

  10. belated happy noodlenewyear hugs and wishes to you diva missus!



  11. Hye M...where the hell are ya? and How the hell are ya? Stop in and say Hi...we are worried about you!!!

  12. Hello M&M...its not a sunny day today...its stormin....and hot and it will be humid later...and Im not looking forward to it LOL....hope you have a good day...c ya later tonight

  13. WELCOME dear Sherlock! I hope your day is a sunny one! See you in the Nutbar chat soon, I hope!

    M&M :)

  14. M&M

    (((((((HUGGING YOU VERY TIGHTLY)))))))))~~~~~I extend my deepest sympathy to you dear!~~~Love, M&M

  15. Kisses and Hugs are being sent to you my Dear Friend XOXOXOXO Miss you my Baileys 'Sistah'

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