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  1. i see u got your buck oak....and he's a nice'n too...lol
  2. sometimes it takes me forever to figure something out..lol
  3. ok well it tells me my tage is not allowed so i must not be doin something right....lol...figures
  4. well i got a question.....i noticed some of ya'll have little sayings or designs as a signature.and i'm not just talkin bout the lil smileys....how did u get the lil' designs on your profile?? and i love the lil avatar with the gun.....lol...ain't taking no crap is what it says to me..women in charge!
  5. Ya know i never thought of it that way...but I can completly understand it...thanks for answering the question
  6. What I wanna know is if there's a way we can upload our own avatars?
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