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    I do photography as a hobby, weddings and such. I have 10 granchildren--6 boys and 4 girls that take up alot of my time,spoiling of course *S*
  1. happy birthday, sthrnstar!!! where have you disappeared to??????

    miss your posts, etc.


  2. Just to say "hi" from grandmother to grandmother! They really give us a reason to be very happy!

    Hugs, Jonie

  3. i see u got your buck oak....and he's a nice'n too...lol
  4. sometimes it takes me forever to figure something out..lol
  5. ok well it tells me my tage is not allowed so i must not be doin something right....lol...figures
  6. well i got a question.....i noticed some of ya'll have little sayings or designs as a signature.and i'm not just talkin bout the lil smileys....how did u get the lil' designs on your profile?? and i love the lil avatar with the gun.....lol...ain't taking no crap is what it says to me..women in charge!
  7. Just stopped in to say HI!

    Hope all is well and best wishes,

    Guitarplayer (Sue)

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words. Means so much to me.




  9. I was just cracking up reading the thread on music and recollecting back in the day! So I'm checking out everyones profile page cuz I can't sleep....Grrrrrr. Anywho....great pic! Hope all is well! (((hugs)))booboolena

  10. Ya know i never thought of it that way...but I can completly understand it...thanks for answering the question
  11. What I wanna know is if there's a way we can upload our own avatars?
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