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  1. Hey Donna for the color you must type it in yourself


    For example above I typed [ color = whatever color you want ] your text here [ / color]


    Of course, you'll have to make sure that all the spaces aren't there in the square brackets.



    Also for the color palette, it took me ages to realise it is positioned off the top of the screen - couldn't get it to work for ages. Seems like at least you've worked that out so you're quicker than me!


    Oh Squiggle I've never seen it up there LOL Thanks I've been doing it the other way all along :D

  2. Hi ................. Believe it or not - and I know many of you wont! :rolleyes: - I managed to make a blog LMAO but ................ two people have posted a comment but it isnt showing up in the comments column ......what did I do wrong??


    Many many thanks for this Dearest - I think its a GREAT idea - and I didnt think you could improve on perfection.


    julie x


    Julie my friend I was going to post a reply on your blog but it said that you would have to approve it before it appeared. It must be something in your blog settings. Maybe if you go into your control panel and see how you have things set. Oh and by the way...I am very proud of you for figuring out the blog so far LMAO :D

  3. Hi Zen


    As one of the moderators of PS I do not have all the answers to your questions. Only administrators can start new topics where you were asking about. There really is no need for you to be able start a new topic there. As other members have said both MaryO and Dearest have more important things going on in their lives then to worry about such a trivial problem. Not being able to edit? Just preview your post...catch any mistakes that you can...if you miss some no big deal! We are all use to typos around here! As other members have said "chill". Life is too short to spend time worrying about editing and posting!



  4. Hahahahahaha!!!!!  I needed a good laugh!


    I'll just make one comment, Cathy, and never mention it again. If you don't want to send a picture in, it really doesn't matter. I find in this medium -- and even in real life -- people are not "what" they look like, but "how" they come across. What I see through people's caring and nurturing on this site is the soul of the person coming through and there's nothing more beautiful than -- soul. A photograph is secondary. We all know "who" you are and that's what matters.





    Aww thank -you Dearest :rolleyes: You just made my day! I'm just teasing these other women. I might send in a pic after I get my roots touched up...get my chin hairs waxed and so on and so on :P or maybe not :lol:

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