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  1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way for your entire family.

  2. Hey Aussie! Just wanted to say Hello. Hope your well :)

  3. Happy New Year Che Che! Haven't seen you in so long. Hope we can chat soon. May 2008 bring you health and happiness!



  4. Happy New Year to you also Dot! Hope you have a healthy happy 2008.


  5. Monica,

    We have never "spoken" here on PS but I have read your posts. I hope and pray you get well soon and find the peace you so deserve.

    (((hug))) Cathy

  6. Rest in peace Molly

  7. Happy Bithday GF!! Hope you have a wonderful day.



  8. Hi Maggie. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Welcome to PS...hopefully we can chat sometime:)



  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes Lynda. Having a quiet but good day so far. Hope all is well with you


  10. Hi there Grandma! LOL Hope all is well with your daughter and new grandson! Everything going ok here my friend. Will be emailing soon :)

  11. Hey Che Che-doing ok here. Thanks for thinking of me my friend. I don't seem to get on insta much but hope to catch you soon. Hope all is well with you!


  12. Thanks for thinking of me my friend. Mom's doing better and I'm trying LOL Hope we can chat soon (((HUG)))

  13. Hi Janet The simpliest way to add someone to your friends list is to find a post they have written. Where their name appears off to the left of the post...click on their name...an option will appear to add them to your friends list. Now thats the easiest way I have found but maybe someone else has another way LOL Hope that helps! Cathy
  14. Hey Dot! Yup just another crazy Canuck here LOL Are you in Ont also?

  15. Hey Che Che! Thanks for adding me to your friends list :)

  16. Hey Donna for the color you must type it in yourself For example above I typed [ color = whatever color you want ] your text here [ / color] Of course, you'll have to make sure that all the spaces aren't there in the square brackets. Oh Squiggle I've never seen it up there LOL Thanks I've been doing it the other way all along
  17. Posted one for you Julie and yes your a good student it went through
  18. Julie my friend I was going to post a reply on your blog but it said that you would have to approve it before it appeared. It must be something in your blog settings. Maybe if you go into your control panel and see how you have things set. Oh and by the way...I am very proud of you for figuring out the blog so far LMAO
  19. OK everyone a new member in insta can't seem to either start a new topic or relpy to anything. She keeps getting error message that says she doesn't have permission to post. She is trying to post in "am i starting peri" HELP I've run out of ideas!!!
  20. Hi Meno The way I go (I think there are other ways) is right here in this section where you posted under"having board problems" the is a post about the member picture gallery. Also here is the link to get there... http://power-surge.com/gallery/psgallery.htm
  21. Leanne good thing you ducked!! And where do you find an internal edit button?? Mine seems to be lost
  22. Hi Zen As one of the moderators of PS I do not have all the answers to your questions. Only administrators can start new topics where you were asking about. There really is no need for you to be able start a new topic there. As other members have said both MaryO and Dearest have more important things going on in their lives then to worry about such a trivial problem. Not being able to edit? Just preview your post...catch any mistakes that you can...if you miss some no big deal! We are all use to typos around here! As other members have said "chill". Life is too short to spend time worrying
  23. Oh no! Thanks Dearest! Certainly not what you need right now!
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