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  1. hope you are enjoying the veiw.....

  2. Rest in Peace Cathy XXOO

  3. M&M

    I am surprised how many major illnesses develop right after menopause. Dear Cathy, Enjoy your heavenly home.

  4. May you find everylasting joy and peace. Blessings to your family.

  5. God please take care of our dear sister Cathy...I may not have known her, but she has certainly touched many hearts.

    rest in peace Cathy xx

  6. God rest you, Cathy. I'm sorry I never got to meet you, but you were so loved and cherished by all who knew you here. May you enjoy the everlasting peace you so deserve!

  7. Cathy...you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers kid...GodSpeed

  8. In my thoughts.

  9. Our dear Cathy...Your in my heart and peace and deep comfort be with you my friend....

  10. I didnt Know Cathyw but what I have in common is I am a mom and I cant imagine the pain she must have had knowing she had this disease, Sigh, God have you in His arms CathyW. Love Tinks

  11. With you, Cathy. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  12. Cathy, lots of hugs and prayers coming your way. (((Cathy)))


  13. Lots and lots of (((((Cathy)))))


  14. oodles of hugs dear precious sister of ours.


  15. Cath ,you are in my prayers.

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