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  1. hope you had a wonderful birthday..your posts in the past have helped me so much....thank you! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sybille!!!

  3. Sybilleruth, Hope you have a great birthday.



  4. Hi Sybille, At least I found out how to leave a comment. Guess we can't respond directly to the person from here! xoxo Linda

  5. Thank you so much for your PM sybilleruth~~I really appreciate the words of wisdom from a sister of da Surge!! I guess I was just freakin' out a tad~~tired of the same ole, same ole.....*sigh* and (((((((hugs)))))))


  6. Hello Grammy for the sixth time. Congrats !!! Enjoy that little baby ,they grow so darn fast. Hugs, Cathy

  7. Sybilruth, I have already thanked Floater about the suggestion of the l-theanine, but after looking back see that you originally recommended it to her. So I would like to thank you too for bringing this to our attention. It does seem to take the edge off sometimes for me. ((hugs))


  8. Thank you and I do hope your 2008 will be "meno" kinder to you.


  9. Happy Holidaze to you! May 2008 be all that you want it to be.

    Be well, Stay happy...



  10. Wow, smart AND beautiful!!!! You have it goin' on girl!!! Wanted to say a special thanks for telling me about L-Theanine. As you can see I am so pleased with it I am spreading the word...all thanks to YOU!!!!

  11. HI Sybill, Happy Hump Day! Your picture is very beautiful. Have a good November day.



  12. hey Sybilleruth! I was just re-reading some posts under "Post menopause" and you sound like me....years of feeling well then BAM! a year and a half of feeling like dare I say... CRAP!! Love your profile pic, very sa-weet! Be well (((((((hugs)))))))

  13. Hi Sybill, My daughter move to Oregon 6 months ago and I miss her so much!

    So pretty there wish I felt up to visiting her!

    Where on the East coast! :(

  14. Hi Sybilleruth, Just came by to check out your profile. It's nice to "meet" other ladies in the 60 and over group. I sure can relate to your post on the BP cuff. Yipes, anxiety plus :(



    A.K.A. Careergrl

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