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  1. happy b-day gramz!


  2. Happy Birthday Gramz!! Hope you have a great day!! XX

  3. Stopping by to say Hello. I don't pop in that often, but hope all is well. take care,


  4. (((Gramz)))

    Just read your post on "Recovery Stories" - I'm so glad you're doing well and have decided to stay on. I feel just like you do. You'll find me mainly on the blogs though having fun there!

    Have a great 2009!

    God bless, Jonie

  5. Hey Karen.....I'm doing great. The holidays were busy but I feel really good other than I caught a cold last night but I feel great. I'll send you an email.


  6. Gramz,

    I'm a bit worried about you. I haven't heard back from you, and darn it, I can't find your phone number. I hope everything is well and you've just been busy:) Please write or call when you can. Missing you....



  7. Hey, I'm doing great. Haven't felt this good in years. We had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a great 2009. I will send you a message to your personal email account. Hope your doing well to and had a wonderful Christmas.

  8. ((((Gramz))))

    Happy New Year!!



  9. Gramz...Where are you my friend? I haven't heard from you in so long. Please let me know how you're doing. Looks like I'm not the only one looking for you.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!



  10. Hi Gramz. Looks as if we are looking for you.

    Hope all is okay.

  11. Hey Karen. Thanks for your concern. It is much appreciated. I am going to send you a message now instead of sending it here.

  12. Gramz,

    Where are you? PLEASE call me, PLEASE. I'm thinking of you, and just want to know you're okay.



  13. Gramz, Did you get my pm? I've beent hinking about you all day. I'm worried about you. I know physically you're just fine, I just don't want you to be frightened. Please call when you're feeling up to it.

    Big Hugs!


  14. Gramz, are you there??? I want to give you a call. I need your #.

  15. watched me for three hours and sent me home. I just woke up at 12:15 today. I don't know what brougth it on. I even worked out at the club three days since the weekend so go figure. Now I'm scared. They said they though it was just anxiety.

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