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  1. This person is sending unsavoury links!

  2. Come to look at your stars! Look on it like birthday candles..you can't always fit them on the cake, my five star friend!

  3. It's been a year Julie. Where R U?

  4. I can't find the new baby pics, did you remove them?

  5. Hope you are feeling ok today.


  6. Naughty you posting that link. I sat for an hour looking at those beautiful pix, including the one of you...instead of getting on with my work. She's really got some talent that gal of yours!

  7. You are a fabulous photographer you know!

  8. Sending you love and hugs and hope you'll soon feel your new self again.

  9. Cheffie...where are you?

  10. Hi there!

    From Robin Hood Country too!

  11. Hi Kleeo. Not followed each other round the boards lately, so checking to see if you still come here. Hope you are feeling much better nowadays

  12. Pauline!!! You're back!

  13. Hi Tina! Long time or I just haven't spotted your posts.

    Is everything OK with you?


  14. Hope everything goes well with your mini-op!

  15. Such a lovely photo that I had to come and look!

  16. Hiya JJ! Just looking at these new boards and thought I'd be first in your comments my old friend.Thanks for being here for me! x

  17. Hi Fin!

    Just looking at my old buds on this new facility!

    Not forgotten you even if i don't call in as much x

  18. No, I like my anonimity. I worry that someone I know may recognise me, bring up all my posts and see what I said on my off days!
  19. I'm glad that this post came up as I got the chance to look at the Rogues Gallery again. I think there's some fine looking women on there! Seriously!
  20. Nice to see you back. Personally I prefer this out of the three boards (I think there were 3) since i joined. Just click on New Posts when you visit the site.
  21. I like it much better than the last new board! What a rotten time to be hit by that virus, causing you loads of extra work at Christmas when you should be putting your feet up! I was so sad yesterday, when I had a spare minute...my first in days and I couldn't get on here! I called in today not really expecting you to be working but you are! Whoopee! Thanks a lot for your hard work. We gals need you!
  22. Will there be a Todays Posts link? I liked that. :wink:
  23. I quite enjoyed reading the old posts. Sometimes we don't think to dig into the past. The girls at the start were complaining of exactly the same things! I'd be interested to know whether Alice and Mary still have hair or did they glide serenely through all this turmoil (lol)?
  24. Actually the old posts left me wondering what happened. A bit like never seeing the last episode of 24
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